Careers with Arms and Associates
At Arms & Associates, we offer exciting career opportunities for every talented individual associated with us, and we build entrepreneurial skills in every member, thus establishing ego-free employee friendly work environment. We strongly encourage and recognize every individual’s contribution to the organization’s growth. Every member at Arms & Associates gets to work with a young, vibrant and dynamic team. We make sure to acknowledge and recognize every member’s hard work and dedication, and thus diluting all internal hierarchies in the company, and integrating one single team. If you’re interested in joining a team of brilliant associates, and working on challenging & enriching assignments, then this is the place for you

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What We Do
Corporate Advisory
Insolvency & Bankruptcy
NBFC Advisory
Secretarial Audit
Merger and Acquisition
Entities Registration
Licensing & Approvals
Intellectual Property Rights
Equity & Debt Funding
Compliance Management
Services Summary
Legal, Secretarial and Corporate Governance
Corporate Restructuring
Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures
Financial Management
Project Planning
Capital Market and SEBI Laws
Due Diligence
Corporate Advisory Services
Arbitration and Conciliation
Trade Mark, Patents and Copyright
Business Administration Services
XBRL Filing and Research
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